is one of the strongest programs multimedia program contains Nero on three programs in one program three are video editing and copying discs and backup discs, can be run backup and copies of CDs for multimedia music, photos and videos and videos are different, is a real choice to deal with the cylinders in all directions as the Nero 2010 is one of the most video editing software HD and create and make movies according to what you want you and your backup operations of the computer and restored as well, leading also to copy discs bad sir or DVD. 
Video Editing with Nero Vision Xtra ™
process video editing with Nero compile all videos that you want, images and audio files music songs and other collected as you want you to be estimated adds it influences picturesque can write on the video and add it effects the transition between the parts and other You can set the agenda timeframe real for making personal touches very advanced. You can also تنشاء films your own high quality and clarity in terms of picture and sound and density raster and other k films DVD, and copied to the DVD Sir or keeping them in the computer Make yourself as the best film producer and director Videos Arafa history excelled let people talk about creativity. 

Burning with Nero Burning ROM ™ 
also Corner copies discs of Nero here you must be sure that the discs work regardless of scratches where and Age default also with a special technique which drag and drop files and copy them to CDs and video tapes and discs tech Blu -ray Discs, where you can also with Nero 10 that are cutting CD to several CDs if large without the need for your intervention you at this point also with Nero 10 you can protect the data that you copy only by adding passwords private and encrypts high with Nero 10 You can work experience to run CD before you copy to external Sir and also make copies of the disks will not find anything affects transcription as if you are dealing length with the original copy of Sir and you can rely on copying always and without any problems at all. 
Backup with Nero BackItUp & Burn ™ 
Corner Another corner puck in August to back up the tablets a corner important in Nero 10 in one click with the mouse you can operate a backup copy of any CD you want and also restored and also estimated that protects you your data that the amendment by any person or even unintentional You, Vsholh backup data on the hard drive Alhardsk is what makes one of the best programs in this area and you can copying then that I wanted to Sir Rom or flash memory or any external memory or p Alhardsk or on FTP to your hard drive, CD , DVD, Blu-ray Disc, FTP, memory card and other very large program in his performance and deserved to be in every device

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