Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder with sound directly in MP3 files with high quality recordings. You can use this program to record sounds in the environment, music, concerts, and other items may apply. It will be a very high-quality sounds. Nkhvhyd need to wait for the recording, and you can quickly move from the real record. There is possibility to pause and continue recording. Range from 32 to 320 kbps bit changes. Choice of microphone (front or rear), recorded file management (sort, share, rename, and delete), stop recording automatically when the memory is affected by space limitations, provided the setting for the recording louder or softer and Features of the program. Note that it is not possible to record high quality audio in all devices. Send files via email, Bluetooth and cable, USB, share them via Skype, WhatsApp, SoundCloud, Gmail, and online storage via Evernote, Catch, Google Drive and … possible.
Version: for Android 2.1 and higher

==> HI-Q MP3 VOICE RECORDER ( FULL ) 1.11.2 APK   |  2 MB

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